1. Starts and Restarts

    1. Go on green at all times.

      1. 1 second stop and go penalty for restart violation.

    2. Leader has lane choice on RESTARTS.

      1. Must be declared before one to go.

    3. No lagging back to get a jump.

      1. 1 second stop and go penalty for restart violation.

    4. Lucky dog will always pass to the high side under caution.

      1. Failure to move for the Lucky dog will result in a 1 sec stop and go penalty.

  2. Pit Road

    1. Stay to the outside wall as long as possible.

    2. 2 pit stalls in and 2 pit stalls out.

  3. Intentional Wrecking

    1. Intentional wrecking WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!!!

      1. Immediate removal from race.

      2. Deduction of 100 championship points.

      3. Suspension from ALL SRU activities for 2 weeks (first offense), 4 weeks (second offense) and booted from the league (third offense).

      4. Deduction of 100 points for following season (if within 5 races of season end).

  4. iRacing Glitches

    1. Any use of iRacing glitches to improve your position during races will result in disqualification from race.

      1. This includes bouncing off a wall in such way to improve your lap times and riding the wall all the way around the track.

      2. All points received for showing up to race will be deducted from race results.

  5. Black Flags

    1. Black flags are cleared on a case by case basis. The following is a list of black flags the league will clear.

      1. Unsafe entry or exit of pit road when AVOIDING a wreck.

      2. Speeding down pit road if AVOIDING a wreck.

        1. Driver must safely slow to pit road speed limit.

      3. Pitting with one to go after pits have closed.

  6. Communication

    1. Communication on Discord is highly encouraged for the Cup series but not required.

    2. All high priority race communication MUST be broadcast within iRacing.

      1. This includes wreck notifications, pitting in notifications, notifications to other drivers that you are giving them a lane or requests for lapped cars to take a certain lane.

        1. Requests to lap cars are not orders, it is the responsibility of the lapped to to maintain a racing line and the faster/lead lapped car to pass cleanly.

  7. Car Numbers and Rookie Designation

    1. Active drivers in the league have the rights to numbers.

      1. Drivers must complete 5 races in at least 1 series to be eligible to reserve their number for the following season.

      2. When between seasons active drivers have the rights to any available number if they wish to switch. New drivers to the league cannot reserve numbers and do not have priority over current active drivers.

    2. New drivers to each series will have a rookie designation (R) for the first season they join until the below criteria has been met.

      1. Driver completes a minimum of 5 races of the season in the series they join to have the designation removed at seasons end.

    3. Inactive drivers will be removed from the league if they fail to attend and complete at least 50% of 1 race.

      1. The only exception to this is if you notify the admin that you will be away from an extended period of time.


*****Admins have the authority to black flag drivers, throw yellows and extend yellows depending on certain situations within the racing environment. Any admin personnel found deliberately displaying flags to benefit ones self will be stripped of admin privileges. If your not happy with the decisions of the admin your more than welcome to complain after the race. Sim Racing Unleashed strives to keep the racing environment as fair as possible at all times!*****

Part one

Part two


The videos below in no way indicate, that this league is going to open setup. We are a fixed setup league. Any change in that, will be determined at a later date.

#88 - Dale Earnhardt Jr - Onboard - Richmond - Round 27 - 2018 NASCAR XFINITY Series

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