1) Go on green at all times

2) Leader has lane choice ( Re-starts only) must declare before 1-to-go

3) Pit road

a) Stay to right (or left on the Glen) as long as possible

b) 2 stalls in and 2 stalls out

4) No lagging back on starts/re-starts to get a jump.

5) Intentional wrecking (for any reason) will be penalized

6} TeamSpeak address is: Password sru


Following the assigned Chase cutoff race, 6 drivers will compete in a span of 3 races to decide the Sim Racing Unleashed champion.  To start the Chase all drivers involved will have an equal amount of 1000 points.  During the Chase, all points will be given as usual following each race.  This means that all drivers not in the Chase will still be racing for 7th on back in points.  We encourage everyone to continue participating even if they aren't fighting for the SRU championship. 



To claim your spot in the Sim Racing Unleashed Chase you must either win a race or finish within the top 6 of the points standings.  If 6 different drivers win, there will be no driver to get in on points.  If over 6 drivers win, the highest in the points standings will have the tiebreaker. 

This Video below sounds like some

sim racers. Maybe we forget we're

playing a game.

Part one

Part two


The videos below in no way indicate, that this league is going to open setup. We are a fixed setup league. Any change in that, will be determined at a later date.

#88 - Dale Earnhardt Jr - Onboard - Richmond - Round 27 - 2018 NASCAR XFINITY Series

Full NASCAR In-car: Daniel Suarez | Bristol Night Race